SS 2021 Collection

Having moved beyond an aesthetic-only approach, we’re entering a new decade of style that will be dictated by sensation and sentimentality. We’re simultaneously looking back to our roots – exploring what connects us and makes us human – and ahead to a brighter, more responsible future.

No longer taboo, unchecked emotion will usher in a new era of nouveau expressionism that will take aesthetic form in both the historical and the digital. Color too begins to take on new meaning as traditional associations are re-imagined by a new generation of voices and creatives. It’s about how you feel, not how you look.

For Preciosa, Spring 2021 will be all about colors. Color is a key fashion talking point and expanding our flatbacks color palette is a natural next step following the launch of our application center and made-to-order assortment last season. These fresh new hues will offer new creative opportunities, especially for designing with Crystal Net and Crystal Transfers.

Our made-to-order Crystal Sheet will also receive an upgrade with the introduction of a customizable film option.